We have a range of products to address all of your residential or commercial heating & cooling needs.


Furnaces are heaters that operate on gas, oil, or electricity. Today’s furnaces use much less fuel (nearly 30% less) and run much quieter than older versions. With many kinds of furnaces on the market and available through Alexander’s, we can recommend several options to best address your home’s needs.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are comfort solutions that can heat and cool your home, depending on the season and desired temperature. Unlike furnaces which create heat from burning fuel, heat pumps transfer heat from other regions of your home - primarily outside or underground.

Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Ductless units serve as your Air Conditioner in warm temperatures and your ductless heating source during colder times of the year. Beyond energy efficiency, the split system is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and as quiet as your refrigerator.

Water Heaters

Depending on your home’s needs, you may choose a traditional water tank or a tankless water heater. Traditional water heaters are more cost-effective up front, but uses more energy to run and will produce a higher energy bill. Tankless water heaters take up 80% less space and consume less energy than water tanks because they only heat the water being used. They also never run out of hot water unless you have periods of very high demand during which your water use exceeds the flow capacity.

Trane S9X2


Our most popular residential furnace, the new S9X2 furnace offers two stages of gas heat for comfort in cold weather and maximum efficiency in warm weather.


Wall-mounted units make for simple installation and efficient heating & cooling, no matter the space.